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The world needs positive action. We can help make that happen. Change is often driven by dynamic new companies. Investing in purpose-led start-ups and other innovative companies is a powerful way to improve the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive positive change through promoting sustainable positive capitalism. We want to see more companies put social and environmental good at the heart of business. We believe that positive impact is part of a well balanced balance sheet. The biggest changes are achieved by successful companies.

What We Do

We connect Angel Investors with a conscience, to companies that can do good whilst making money. We believe that profit and purpose can go together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Invest in Change features investment opportunities which should give a financial return, as well as do good. We focus on profit-making companies with a positive impact -- sometimes called "Zebra Companies". We are flexible though: we will also promote bonds with charities and social enterprises.
Zero, none at all, nothing, and we take no commission. We are entirely supported by donations, primarily from Good-Loop.
Not at present. Nor do we provide investment advice. We connect angel investors with companies seeking funding and other investment opportunities. We may open a fund in the future.
The company must deliver a positive impact as a core part of what it does, and without significant negative impacts. Beyond that basic rule of "Do Good!", we are open-minded. We look for high-impact companies. We evaluate each company on a case-by-case basis for its impact potential -- plus financial risk and return.

Examples might be:

  1. Software - e.g. for charities, or to address a commmunity need. Software is capable of global scale and good financial returns in a comparatively short time-frame.
  2. Community - e.g. providing facilities from markets to care-homes to support local communties.
  3. Education - particularly if addressing a neglected area.
  4. Retail - e.g. providing a more environmentally sound product.
  5. Healthcare - e.g. developing new medical products.

Typically companies seeking from £25,000 to £250,000 is the right range for angel investors, and usually a number of angels contribute. This is often early-stage investment.

For the individual Angel - cheque size depends on how the company is raising. £10,000 is a common investment level for companies raising via angel syndicates. But investments can start much lower -- as low as £20 -- for companies using crowd-funding.

Investing in early-stage and other growth-focussed businesses can be very rewarding, but it involves a number of risks and challenges. It is risky - the value of your investments can go up or down, sometimes rapidly. You should only invest money you can afford to lose. Investing in companies which aren't on the stock market has the added issue that you cannot withdraw your money when you choose.

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